Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 16 oz.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 16 oz.

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Cultures that live in areas where coconut oil is a common part of their diet, people seem to be healthier, have better looking skin, hair, and nails, and feel more energetic. Pure coconut oil is a wonderful natural source of medicinal aid for the entire body. It is one of the great gifts that God gives us and it is also one that offers extraordinary benefits. It makes a great moisturizer and all natural lubricant as well.  Plus it makes a great carrier oil for any of April's essential oils.

Here are nine of the best health benefits you can enjoy from adding this natural oil to your diet routine:

1. Supports the thyroid and improves hormone balance

Having coconut oil as part of your regular diet helps to restores thyroid function and health. It does this by assisting the cells and the systems of the body that help produce, regulate, and move the hormones throughout the body. With proper hormone balance, you feel better and you will be healthier and happier for it too.

2. Boosts your levels of energy

Coconut oil is easy for your body to metabolize and can be converted quickly into a useable and long lasting source of energy. Some medical and health experts compare adding coconut oil to your diet like adding octane boosts to your car engine. It gives you a caffeine like boost without the crash or the negative side effects like headache and higher blood pressure. Coconut oil is a great way to stay energized all day long without relying on a lot of harmful substances.

3. Helps cravings and hunger pangs

People who routinely take coconut oil as part of their diet have noticed increased better moods and outlooks as well as a decrease in cravings and hunger pains. It is not fully understood how this phenomenon works but it is being researched and explored so that the full benefits of coconut oil can be understood and applied.

4. Good for improving digestion and nutrient absorption

Coconut oil has several powerful gastrointestinal antioxidant elements as well as some anti-inflammatory benefits as well. It has natural antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties to help keep the stomach balanced and regulated so digestion is easier and so the body can fully absorb and utilize all the nutrients from food. When taken with meals, coconut oil has been shown to help in the absorption of nutrients, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and amino acids.

5. Increases metabolism for healthy weight-loss

The Journal of Nutrition found in a recent study what many other similar studies have already uncovered-that coconut oil helps to greatly boost metabolism levels in the body. Researchers found that just two tablespoons of coconut oil each day resulted in more fat burning and higher levels of metabolism than in those who had no coconut oil in their diet. An increase in metabolism boosts helps burn excess weight in a healthy manner and it can also boost the immune system and regulate hormonal levels in the body.

6. Strengthens the body ability to fight off illness

The lauric acid that is readily available in coconut oil has been shown to be very toxic to viruses, fungi, and bacteria. This means that this special acid is a power fighter when it comes to killing off infections that cause illness and disease. There are only two known sources for this acid, one being coconut milk and the other being breast milk. Lauric acid makes it easier for the body to fight off illnesses and also is thought to help improve the effects of immunity from natural exposure or from immunization shots.

7. Good for improving normal brain function and memory

Coconut oil is high in good fats and fatty acids and it is thought that these can help nourish the brain and stimulate new development and improve brain functions. It is also thought that coconut oil can help in a way that might even help protect against brain and memory disorders and diseases. Though research is still ongoing and no definitive claims can be made, some see coconut oil as being a potential cure or treatment options for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as depression and anxiety.

8. Makes the skin look and feel healthy and beautiful

Coconut oil is a perfect treatment option for dry, cracked, wrinkled, irritated skin. Its high content of fatty acids and natural oils allows it to quickly absorb into the skin and soak into all layers of the skin. It has been used for many years to help prevent stretch marks or to minimize the appearance of existing ones. It also shows some success at reducing the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations. Its antiseptic properties help the skin look and feel healthy and young and gives it a glowing radiance that is free from diseases or common skin afflictions. The skin revitalizing benefits can be gained by applying coconut oil topically to the skin but some results can also been seen from taking coconut oil orally as part of your diet.

9. Great for kitchen use as a cooking oil

Unlike other oils based from vegetable, seeds, and nuts, coconut oil has the highest smoking point. What this means is that it tolerates high heat better and will not turn rancid and oxidize at high temperatures the way other oils will. This means that there are more nutrients and less toxins in the oils and in your food, a concern that many people have when it comes to what they add to their food and how they cook or prepare their foods.

These are just some of the many benefits we are now discovering about coconut oil. Some hail it as a wonder oil and there are many benefits to be enjoyed from adding it to your daily diet. You have little to lose and much to gain from the natural benefits of this versatile and tasty oil. Discover the difference it can make in your life today.

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