5 Star organic products! Would highly recommend these products to any of my friends and family! 
- M.Mueller
November 2017 

Excellent: I suffer from Post-Concussion Syndrome and I experience terrible migraines and headaches almost daily. I use this blend to decrease the intensity of/eliminate my migraines/headaches. I'm very grateful for this product!

“You will be amazed…”
April is so knowledgeable, her products are the best. I cannot live without my lotion, well maybe I could live without it...BUT I WON"T ...ha. I recommend you stop in her store, you will be amazed at all her products.
- Corrine
January 2018

Review for "Unrefined Shea Butter"

5 Stars: I am 70 years old, and this product is wonderful for dry aging skin, especially on my legs. However, it would also be great for young dry skin!
-June S.


5 Stars: I tried April’s acne scrub every day and my acne started clearing up after just a few days of using it! Now after a month my face is clear and the only thing left are acne scars. I recommend her product to anyone who struggles with acne. It works!!!
-Hailey Clark
March 2019

“Many uses…”
I wanted to take a minute to give a big shout out to April Showers & Gifts! One of my absolute favorites for horse folks out there is the Helmet Hero spray. Because we have many kids using the helmets and sweating in them all summer long we just add a spray after use and the helmets (as well as the tack shed) smell fabulous! It has many uses, as we use in boots and shoes too! I love the idea of using natural oils instead of harsh chemicals. We've also been using the anxiety spray, the sore muscle rub and the fly spray. I'm a huge fan of how oils have changed the smell around the barn for the better and of course they are wonderful for sore muscles, flies and anxiety if you have to separate a horse. If you haven't visited the Essential Oil store, check them out off of CR 306 just past the BV water tower. We love the horse products they offer! Thank you April--we are BIG fans!
-51:10 Youth Ranch
May 2019

“5 Stars: Love this store! Best one in BV!”
The arthritis cream that April makes is the best. My MIL has bad arthritis in both arches on her feet, she used it and within minutes the pain was gone!! April’s husband is also on site and forges, sharpens, and sells his beautiful work. I highly recommend you visit this mom n pop shop. Military discount too!!!  We WILL return!
-Scott and Luann W.
May 2019

Review for "Mad Muscle Pain Relief roll-on"
April I want the Mad Muscle ointment!!!!...that stuff works GREAT!!!!!!!
- Terry


April's soaps are excellent, our guests often express their approval and want April's contact information.
-David B of Five Peaks Suite


“Perfect for gifts!”
April offers a great variety of products that are perfect for gifts! She is very knowledgeable, makes her own products, and is awesome to work with.
- David T. of First Colorado Land Office, BV 

“I brag on you, your products, & your shop.”
Good Morning. I want to share with you how wonderful your products are!
I bought a diffuser & oils from your shop. The dry mist & oil have helped me relax so very much. Thank you recommending both products. Plus our bedroom smells delightful!!!

Our cat has auto immune disease & has severe sneezing attacks.. We bought a pet allergy spray. The spray has helped Buddy a lot. When his attack starts I spray a little on my hands & pet him. Calms Buddy's attacks.
I brag on you, your products, & your shop. Thank- you so much April.
-Shirley R.
December 2018

“Helps me fall asleep.”
I love the lavender body spray, I really like to “spray” my bed sheets just before getting into bed.  It helps me fall asleep.

Review for “Beard Oil”

Smells Great!! Awesome Product!

- Gary S.

October 2018


Review for "Toilet Fizz"
The Toilet Fizz tablets work really well. I just drop a tablet in the stool, give it a bit to do its cleaning, then brush and flush.
- Jan S.
October 2018

Review for "Molar Magic Toothpaste"
I used to love the suds from my toothpaste thinking my teeth were getting super clean. Then I tried molar magic—Now my teeth are super clean. I love that it is all natural and leaves me feeling like I just had my teeth cleaned at the dentists. I don’t miss the suds anymore! Definitely an upgrade to a true clean feeling!
- Lindsay S.
October 2018

Review for "Flu Bombs"
I Love the Flu Bombs! I take one whenever I feel like I might be coming down with something – and it never happens!
- Pat S.
October 2018

Review for "Clarifying Facial Scrub"
I have been using many different, and expensive, exfoliation products, which all make me break out! This clarifying scrub is the thing I can use and does wonders on my skin! I can feel and see the difference after I use it. Thanks!
- Jen C.
May 2019

“What I love about April’s store is April herself!”
I have to be honest and say what I love about April’s store is April herself!! She is always happy to see you and treats you as an old friend. April is eager to share her knowledge and tell you about the items she has.
- Jan S.
October 2018

Review for "Soaps"

By far, one of my most favorite items at April Showers is the hand-made soap. Love the Wild West bar, not only for its properties as a soap but I have actually set a couple of bars around my house as air fresheners!!
- Jan S.
October 2018


Review for "Dead Sea Mud Mask"

Treat yourself with the benefits of the Dead Sea – your face will thank you!  This is an excellent mask to clean impurities and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. I’ve tried many masks and am sold with the Dead Sea Mud Mask. Needless to say I will not let my supply run out on this.
- Lindsay S.


Review for "Allergy Relief"
The Allergy Relief really helps my eyes. They get puffy and irritated due to allergies and it helps instantly.
- Erika H.
September 2018

Review for "Morph’N Bombs"
These are my favorite!! I love that they are an all-natural alternative to ibuprofen, aspirin etc. and they work for any other pain relief. From a headache to muscle pain—these are a quick and Safe way to alleviate any pain.
- Lindsay S.
October 2018 

“I get so many compliments”
I love the body spray for a between shower freshen up!! I get so many compliments on it too.
Beth R.

Review for "Air Fresh"
“Air Fresh” is a terrific air neutralizer. We have 2 cats and I am always glad, and thankful, that our house doesn’t smell like we have 2 cats!
- Jan S.
October 2018

Thank You April!!!!
Your Arthritis Oil is a God send!!! I’m pain free for the first time in years! Best Product Out There.
- Jerry T.

Review for "Inhalers"
The ‘Nasal Inhalers’ are the perfect little item to carry in your pocket or purse. I always carry 3 Thieves Blend and Immune Boost with me. And Energize Me comes in handy on those 10 hour car rides that it takes for me to get to April Showers.
- Jan S.

Review for "Wart Remover"
I used this religiously for about 6 weeks, 2 times daily. It eradicated a wart that I have been fighting for YEARS.
Thank you!
- JS

Review for "Teething Relief"
I have used “Teething Relief” for my infant from age 9 months to current age of 20 months and it has really helped her avoid pain and fever. In fact, she has not had any teething symptoms since I have used this product. I highly recommend it and it smells great too.
- Erin
June 2019

Review for "Luxurious Soaps"
April’s soaps are the best! They all smell great and leave you feeling clean and sassy. Some of my favorites are Wild West Hemp, Casaba Mist, Almost Heaven Almond & Dragons Blood.
- Lindsay S.

“Unique and beautiful gift”
Dear April,
Thank you so much for donating 450 scented soap bars for feminine hygiene kits that we’re sending to Liberia and Uganda. Girls and Women in these areas usually bathe with harsh laundry soap (this is what they can afford) Your gentle, scented soap will make them feel so treasured and loved.
Thank you for sharing your unique and beautiful gift of such superb soap with girls and women who are generally overlooked and forgotten. They will be thrilled!!
Sincerely grateful,
- Kathy Ruiter from Treasure & Protected
April 2019

“Fine ingredients and the customer service is great.”
We love this store! The products are made from very fine ingredients and the customer service is great. An excellent selection of things to choose from. A great place to shop for gifts for all occasions.
- Michael C.
August 2019

“What a great place!”
What a great place! It's off the beaten path but has a wide variety of lovely products that are displayed beautifully! All of April's products are made by her. Thank you, April, for your help. (From a gal from Oklahoma)
- Kathy B.
May 2019 

“Great experience.”
Awesome store! So many products all hand made, even custom made fragrances and oil blends while you wait! No club or sign ups or having to purchase oils I don’t need. And the best prices out there! April's attention just makes the place shine! Best shop in Buena Vista! Thank you for a fun and great experience!
- John O.

“Good stuff for your body”

I loved the packet of Sweet Lilac lotion you sent a while back and also the facial scrub that I am using gingerly.  All your products are so good and I like them especially because they are made of good stuff for your body.
“Definitely help”
The fibro capsules definitely help and if I have the opportunity to get them at a reduced price that will just be that much better.  Thanks
-Doug W.
“Our kids ask for flu bombs.”
Thank you April.  Our kids ask for flu bombs when they know kids at school are sick.
-Lana J.
“A big difference”
April, your neuropathy oil has made a big difference in my foot issues after chemo. Thank you! 
-Patricia J.